Well, at last, we have some exciting news regarding the geese. If you have been following my Blog, or Tracey’s social media posts, you will know about ‘ the mysterious egg thief ‘ and the complete dearth of goslings for the last five or six years.

Let’s start with something positive. The weather has been, and still is, absolutely fabulous, for the whole of April. At least that means that people who have access to the great outdoors, in whatever form, can enjoy ‘social isolation’ in the fresh air and sunshine.

I think the rain and flooding of February is now a dim and distant memory for most of us. The corona virus is now gripping the country and affecting every one of us. We have closed our farm holiday business for the foreseeable future and changed our daily routine slightly to live in complete isolation from the outside world.

This February will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Storms, high winds, heavy rain and flooding have become the new norm.

Well, here we are in the last week of January, already. Doesn’t time fly. The weather is very mild for the time of year and the days are drawing out noticeably.

Aaaaah…….. I was just looking at last months missive and saw the photo of the Beagles in their cage, as they were on their way back to their kennels.

We altered the clocks at the weekend and suddenly it feels rather Wintery. There is a cold East wind blowing hard at the moment which is really good, because that’s a drying wind which will suck the moisture out of the ground and dry everything up nicely.

September has been an interesting month for a variety of reasons. Overlooking the political situation, the cricket and now the rugby has been absolutely gripping.

August Bank holiday weekend was absolutely glorious – now it’s nearly September, the days are drawing in and evenings are quite chilly.