We are now three weeks into November. The guests have all gone. So have the puppies and the sheep. Most of the leaves have come down in the last storm. How things have changed in such a short time.

Another month has gone by and all eight of Rosie’s puppies have now left home and started new lives with new families all across the South of England. We have had so much fun and entertainment and general pleasure from them as they have developed their own personalities.

Our big news-story this month has to be the arrival of Rosie’s eight puppies. After her brief ‘wedding and honeymoon’ with Ted, a Brindle Patterdale, we waited and watched her as she got bigger and bigger.

At last, it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’. At least, down here in North Devon we have had just enough to save what was a desperate situation. Other places haven’t been so lucky.

What a glorious, dry, sunny month we have had here in North Devon. Summers always used to be hot and dry.

I think I mentioned last time that we had murdered the Wisteria and were intending to repair and repaint the house, leisurely ! The repairs and preparations have been completed and the painter is starting ‘soon’………

We are now half-way through May and all enjoying some glorious early Summer sunshine. Needless-to-say the ground has gone from one extreme to the other and is now so hard the grass is struggling to get through.

A month ago we were tobogganing on Exmoor. Now, the pool is open and the Mercury was nudging 25C yesterday. I love the variety that our temperate climate gives us.

It is now the middle of March and looking out of the window I can still see snow on the roof and snow drifts under the hedges. Yesterday the schools were closed so we took the grandchildren and toboggans out in search of a suitable ‘piste’.

We are halfway through February already and it is a glorious sunny day here in North Devon. Our first guests will be arriving in March and we have been busy getting ready for another season of family-friendly farm holidays.