Glorious June…….er, not exactly. We seem to be playing catch-up for the driest May on record. It has been very pleasant, and hasn’t stopped any of our guests doing anything, but it has been a bit damp !

It is now Whitsun. Whit’ weekend and half-term, so we are flat out and fully booked, and guess what ……. it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ ! It has possibly been the driest May ever so us growers are desperate for rain.

How quickly did Easter come and go this year. I suppose the glorious, hot, dry spell of weather leading up to it meant we were flat out with jobs that don’t usually happen for another few weeks.

After the mini-heatwave back in February the weather seems to have reverted to normal. Well, both extremes seem to be normal for March, hence the old adage ‘If March comes in like a lamb it goes out like a Lion’, and vice-versa.

All is well at the moment, out on the farm. That bad Winter we were concerned about hasn’t happened yet. In fact, yesterday was the hottest February day on record.

Another year bites the dust and gets consigned to the history books. What a year 2019 could turn out to be. Whether you are interested in politics or not we are all going to be involved to some extent over the next couple of months . The animals aren’t getting twitchy about Brexit.

Five days until Christmas – time to go Christmas shopping. When we were living in Oxfordshire our next-door-neighbour, Brian, would do all the Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. He would drive the family to Oxford and spend the day before Christmas bargain hunting for everything from Tinsel to the Turkey! Amazing deals could be done, if he was lucky.

We are now three weeks into November. The guests have all gone. So have the puppies and the sheep. Most of the leaves have come down in the last storm. How things have changed in such a short time.

Another month has gone by and all eight of Rosie’s puppies have now left home and started new lives with new families all across the South of England. We have had so much fun and entertainment and general pleasure from them as they have developed their own personalities.

Our big news-story this month has to be the arrival of Rosie’s eight puppies. After her brief ‘wedding and honeymoon’ with Ted, a Brindle Patterdale, we waited and watched her as she got bigger and bigger.