Easter has come and gone and my predicted heat wave hasn`t quite settled over North Devon yet. Cold ,frosty nights are hampering the Spring flush of grass so all the ewes and lambs are still up here , much to Trace`s delight .

Every year, in the Autumn , we walk a pair of beagle puppies for the local Harriers. They come to us when they are weaned , at about eight weeks old , and stay here until they become uncontrollable at about six months old.

Our lambing season started on schedule this year and the weather could n`t have been kinder. After months of wet windy weather the sun shone and the ground dried up rapidly. Our small flock are usually very considerate and lamb early in the morning – between six and ten o`clock – and early evening  again […]

Sadly l have to report the somewhat in explicable demise of Albert, our senior gander. Well, we are sad about it but l`m sure some of our regulars’ who may have been ‘goosed ‘ by him in the past probably won`t miss him.

What fabulous weather we are having now. Three glorious sunny days in a row changes so many things l hardly know what to do first.

l have had two interesting soirees this week with a particular common denominator. Radicalisation !

l now have my own blog. l`m not sure what it does but Tracey tells me we have to have one. lt sounds like something Badger and l would desperately try to avoid when out hunting.