Midsummers day has come and gone so the days are now getting shorter . We won`t notice any difference for a while but a lot of the animals will. Especially our sheep.

Everything is `rosy ‘ here at North Bradbury Farm. The first hatch of swallows are out and about filling the sky with their ecstatic cheeping as they busily feast on flies.

Our three Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are thoroughly enjoying the unpredictable Summer weather here at North Bradbury Farm.

Aylesbury ducks are probably the best combination duck you can get. That means they are very good at producing eggs and meat.

Bank Holidays are a bit of a non – event here at North Bradbury Farm. Change – over days in the cottages and animal feeding still continue as normal. We have the usual inevitable conversation about the vegetable garden !

Easter has come and gone and my predicted heat wave hasn`t quite settled over North Devon yet. Cold ,frosty nights are hampering the Spring flush of grass so all the ewes and lambs are still up here , much to Trace`s delight .

Every year, in the Autumn , we walk a pair of beagle puppies for the local Harriers. They come to us when they are weaned , at about eight weeks old , and stay here until they become uncontrollable at about six months old.