Christmas is now behind us and the year-end is rapidly approaching. 2020 will be one of those unforgettable years for most of us, for all the wrong reasons, and 2021 is obviously going to be difficult for many of us. Here at North Bradbury farm we should be opening up again in February, so we are already on a final countdown with jobs and maintenance work that will have to be completed before guests can arrive. Eight weeks will fly by and no doubt we will have the usual last minute panic and broken deadlines to look forward to.

November has been reasonably peaceful here at North Bradbury farm. Not just because we are halfway through our second National Lockdown of the year. We are now closed for the Winter which means no guests, no staff and not many animals.

In three days time we alter the clocks and although it’s still officially Autumn it often feels like the beginning of Winter. Not because it’s particularly cold – it’s really just because our daily routine suddenly changes.It will be getting dark by Five O’clock in the afternoon so animal feeding will begin at Four thirty. ‘s our last week of paying guests so it will suddenly be very peaceful and quiet. The lambs and pigs will be off to market or going into the freezer.The ducks will be in the freezer in a couple of weeks. The geese have been advertised and will hopefully be moving on.

August is nearly over and despite the slightly gloomy weather we have been flat out with guests since we (and the rest of the hospitality industry ) opened up again after four months of shutdown.For some of our guests it is the first time they have ventured out from the sanctuary of their own four walls since the middle of March.

It’s nearly the end of July and we have been open now for three weeks. The new ‘normal’ is gradually taking shape, albeit evolving on a weekly basis. Keeping up with the ever changing regulations, recommendations and suggestions isn’t exactly easy or cheap but most importantly they do seem to be working. All around North […]

At last, the glorious weather of April and May has come to an end and some much needed rain has arrived. Endless days of sunshine are fabulous – unless you are trying to grow crops or fatten animals.

Well, at last, we have some exciting news regarding the geese. If you have been following my Blog, or Tracey’s social media posts, you will know about ‘ the mysterious egg thief ‘ and the complete dearth of goslings for the last five or six years.

Let’s start with something positive. The weather has been, and still is, absolutely fabulous, for the whole of April. At least that means that people who have access to the great outdoors, in whatever form, can enjoy ‘social isolation’ in the fresh air and sunshine.

I think the rain and flooding of February is now a dim and distant memory for most of us. The corona virus is now gripping the country and affecting every one of us. We have closed our farm holiday business for the foreseeable future and changed our daily routine slightly to live in complete isolation from the outside world.