Well, here we are in the last week of January, already. Doesn’t time fly. The weather is very mild for the time of year and the days are drawing out noticeably.

Aaaaah…….. I was just looking at last months missive and saw the photo of the Beagles in their cage, as they were on their way back to their kennels.

We altered the clocks at the weekend and suddenly it feels rather Wintery. There is a cold East wind blowing hard at the moment which is really good, because that’s a drying wind which will suck the moisture out of the ground and dry everything up nicely.

September has been an interesting month for a variety of reasons. Overlooking the political situation, the cricket and now the rugby has been absolutely gripping.

August Bank holiday weekend was absolutely glorious – now it’s nearly September, the days are drawing in and evenings are quite chilly.

Everybody should have had some ‘warm’ weather over the last couple of weeks. We were lying on a beach beside the Mediterranean last week. It was a scorching 32 C and not a buckled railway line in sight !

Glorious June…….er, not exactly. We seem to be playing catch-up for the driest May on record. It has been very pleasant, and hasn’t stopped any of our guests doing anything, but it has been a bit damp !

It is now Whitsun. Whit’ weekend and half-term, so we are flat out and fully booked, and guess what ……. it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ ! It has possibly been the driest May ever so us growers are desperate for rain.

How quickly did Easter come and go this year. I suppose the glorious, hot, dry spell of weather leading up to it meant we were flat out with jobs that don’t usually happen for another few weeks.