We are now half-way through May and all enjoying some glorious early Summer sunshine. Needless-to-say the ground has gone from one extreme to the other and is now so hard the grass is struggling to get through.

A month ago we were tobogganing on Exmoor. Now, the pool is open and the Mercury was nudging 25C yesterday. I love the variety that our temperate climate gives us.

It is now the middle of March and looking out of the window I can still see snow on the roof and snow drifts under the hedges. Yesterday the schools were closed so we took the grandchildren and toboggans out in search of a suitable ‘piste’.

We are halfway through February already and it is a glorious sunny day here in North Devon. Our first guests will be arriving in March and we have been busy getting ready for another season of family-friendly farm holidays.

Hello again and Happy New Year to anyone who might be reading this.Hopefully you all survived the festive season in more or less one piece. Commiserations if you now have Aussie flu. It is now the middle of January and we have just returned from a great week of skiing in the Italian Dolomites.

l have just re-read my last missive, from November, entitled ‘Squirrel problem sorted’. Unfortunately, that wasn’t entirely true, as it turns out. Having dispatched three more insurgents since then, we still have unwanted guests in our quite extensive loft. Squirrels, presumably………?!

Phew! November at last. No more guests for four months. Now don’t get me wrong, we love having families to stay and sharing our rural lifestyle with them.

At last, the school holidays are over and life has slowed down slightly. We still have guests with younger children staying, and our routine has changed again. We are now doing weekends and short breaks, until the end of October, which means changeovers on any day of the week.

July has been a bit all over the place from the weather perspective. Glastonbury came and went without the usual Midsummer deluge and now Wimbledon has finished on time with very few weather related delays.