Since my last dispatch , we have been to the French Alps and back. We`re all in one piece still , although one of us had a nasty experience with a very French staircase and a couple of very English gin and tonics !

It`s nearly the end of January now and at last l have some good news to report.

Our final guests for this year have arrived and yet again we have glorious sunshine and clear blue skies so they are off to Saunton beach for the day.

The mud kitchen and covered fire – pit in our new forest learning area is proving very popular with our half – term visitors.

Following the current trend in many schools and popular feed – back from many of our guests we are now busily setting up a forest learning area.

Two more weeks of glorious weather have whizzed past at North Bradbury Farm. lnfact one family staying this week have just tried and failed to get into the car park at Saunton Beach so they had to go on down to Croyde and drown their sorrows at The Thatch. Spoilt for choice or what ?

Summer is back at North Bradbury Farm. After a gloomy August we now have endless sunshine day after day and the swallows have returned , performing spectacular aerobatics whilst busily swooping to hoover up flies.