At last, the school holidays have finished and we have both survived! Now don’t get me wrong, we both love what we do in order to scrape a living here at North Bradbury Farm. Obviously we could choose different career paths if necessary so we mustn’t complain.

The Summer Holiday season is continuing apace, despite the unpredictable weather. Our guests have been busy surfing at Saunton beach and building dams in the river Barle on Exmoor. I hate to think how many marsh mallows have been barbecued over the fire-pit and consumed in the tent in our wilderness area.

Two weeks ago the thermometer reached 35 degrees C. Tracey got the bedroom fan out of hibernation and parked it on the windowsill because we could hardly sleep. Libby, the old Border collie, had an emergency trim to prevent her hyperventilating in the midday heat. The animals usually love to bask in the sunshine but most of them admitted defeat in the middle of the day and sought shelter under the trees.

The Summer holiday season is just around the corner and we have lots of old friends coming back to stay at North Bradbury farm and lots of new guests coming for the first time. The weather is glorious again and there are masses of great days out to be enjoyed in and around North Devon.

The dust is settling here at North Bradbury farm after our ‘are we moving or not’ dilemma. Actually there isn’t a speck of dust for miles at the moment because the weather seems to be having a ‘is it summer or not’ dilemma. Not that the weather seems to bother our younger guests.

It has been decided at HQ that we should resurrect my ‘Farmer Chris says’ blog. My last missive was entitled ‘Where is Boris’. That was because of his very low profile during the run up to the General Election!

At last , it’s nearly here. No, not Summer – the General Election. Badger is really excited. He is nineteen now so he can vote for the first time .

One of The sun is shining , the daffs and primroses are looking fabulous , the Wisteria is just about to bloom and our swallows have returned and are busily building a new nest in our front porch , so Summer is officially here at North Bradbury Farm.

Having had two weeks of dry sunny Spring weather and getting all excited about mowing and rolling and opening the swimming pool we seem to have reverted to January weather again. Undeterred by the gales our visitors have been exploring North Devon and all it has to offer .

Hooray – our last ewe to lamb produced triplets this morning ! Okay – between midnight and five am isn`t exactly ideal but at least we can go to bed and get a whole nights sleep tonight .